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Probed Genji (Shikniful)

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[121Gigawatts] Super Shooters (Overwatch)

Route 69 – The half-mythical route reserved only for the bravest travelers. The “Shooters Cafe” will provide a great reward for those choosing to follow along this route. Here, you’ll be served by stars of videogames like Zarya of Overwatch as well as Sombra. They will offer you great food and great sex.

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[Abarus] Lustful Lies (Overwatch)

A bald man appears in front of D.Va and tells her they want to get fucked by her. Who is this man? Why is he acting like that? The most important issue is: can D.Va have a sex session with him? The last question could be a rhytorical question, since you’re watching these comics that are parody on an hentai-themed website. It kinda is obvious.

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[Ruru Raida] Widowmaker X Efi (Overwatch)

It is evident that Widowmaker’s mission didn’t go as planned. What bizarre sequence of eventscould have caused this to happen? Check out the comics and you’ll enjoy not only the exciting story, but wotness the sweet bodycurves of Widowmaker with latex on them as well as some very tough sexual and erotica scenes too!

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